General overview.

I was always wondering about childhood images and what childrens do associate and build in their imaginations from it -informational aids? How it supposed to be a great wonderchild and his/her childhood ? How do they look onto the world around them? What they do observe and what make them a person and human kind, if not then I will hope my productions will show those the differences between the human kind brains productions. What picture of the world is a most suitable in your mind, dear child !
I did provide a job earlier, amongst several childrens communities , national cultural houses and also between the students and their study programs. The most important thing in a childhood might be impressions from surrenders and world around them.
What kind of the world around  us in a moment, how deeply we do appreciate the nature gifts to our society and how we do reflect in our minds on it? How our child will look at it and how will assimilate us and with it ?  What we could offer to our childrens before, now and in a future? What world will be left after us and our childrens on informational market, on planet Earth and in history of human being? World of the constant locals wars on behaive of proffitable task, world of obsessions, porno-world (which I mean very disgussting in their art and context), world of political games,dirty worlds of crimes and very distractive languages, world of the full chaos? Probably, it will depend on all of us, family, relations, our live attributes and none the less our life activities.
Let us be better than we are, in relation to the smaller generation, at least.

My images of childhood and expectations.

I will look forward upon a great audience to share my childhod expriences, images, logotypes and post cards.
I did draw , make plenty of photopictures, as well as drawings through the last decades of years , for several occasions:: to family occasions, to childrens, if they ask for it, for my friends.That is why I would like to show my work to all of you.
This site is about ,what I did learn not from the communities and networkings, not from the wildest shows, very popular carpets and parties, events provided, even not from the many years of study in several schools and universities around the Europe, but mostly from the self life observation in different types of the national foundations and cultural houses around the globe. It is more about what I personally do like to be life such as, not somebody else, who occasionaly will ruin it constantly, because it might be in somebody ways and often under very inapropriate rules.
Contact me to share your life expectations, your society work under it and consequential sublime offeres furtheron. My e-mail open to dialogue and to deals if you will be interested in any sort of cooperations about such issues.


Site is made for kids, primarily. Cartoons and images will be changed periodically, as well as logos and post cards. I will not promise that I will do that very often.
Once a month it will be changed.
Under contact menue an e-mail box located. I will appreciate if you could contact me and ask for one or another post card, image , cartoon, first before it will be generously copied.
I also promise to bring the good or funny pictures, and to give a positive character to this site.
It is not my major field of work and knowledge , and I do produce an original site what I supposed to work under more often, to pursue my work.(
Original site name is as wrote above -, where I do apply  different images context made in drawing 3D primarely and related to architecture, industrial design,and constructions, while you are also welcome to visit it.
Thank you , for visiting my site.
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